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Bissell powerforce Sure View II bagless Vacuum 6594 w lower filter cup 3080

Bissell powerforce Sure View II bagless Vacuum 6594 w lower filter cup   3080  TimeLeft:
29d 11h 50m
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Pre-Motor Filter Tray | 203-6606 Bissell Vacuum Pull apart

Pre-Motor Filter Tray | 203-6606 Bissell Vacuum Pull apart TimeLeft:
5d 14h 3m
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Bissell Powerforce Helix Vacuum 12B1 Replacement CYCLONE FILTER OEM Role

Bissell Powerforce Helix Vacuum 12B1 Replacement CYCLONE FILTER OEM Role TimeLeft:
28d 10h 53m
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Filter Backpack (1 pre-motor & 1 post motor filter), 1008

by Bissell
Price: $13.13
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  • This part works with the following products: CleanView Deluxe Vacuum with OnePass (2410), CleanView Plus Vacuum with OnePass (3918), and CleanView Vacuum with OnePass (9595)
  • BISSELL CleanView replacement filter pack - includes one pre-motor and one post-motor filter
  • See your vacuum's user's guide for detailed replacement directions

Product description

BISSELL Filter Pack (1 pre-motor & 1 post motor filter)
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Vacuum Tip

Did You Know…Your filters need to be changed regularly? Many vacuums have more than one filter that needs to be cleaned and/or replaced on a regular basis to keep the vacuum running great. Check your vacuum’s user guide for more information on your specific model.

When do I replace the belt or the filter for my vacuum?

If the vacuum is not cleaning as well as it had before or the brush roll has stopped turning, you may have to change the belt. To change the belt, please refer to your models user guide for installation instructions. With bagless vacuums, having clean filters is critical to maintain cleaning performance. Over time, filters can become dirty and eventually clog. A dirty or worn filter can diminish the cleaning performance of your vacuum, so it is important to regularly clean and monitor them.

How do I maintain my bagless vacuum filters?

Answer: BISSELL bagless vacuums generally contain three filters, which should be cleaned frequently. The three filters are the round filter located above the dirt cup, the square filter located in the tray beneath the dirt cup and the rectangular filter located on the side or back of the machine (each vacuum may vary). These filters should be cleaned or replaced often to allow for proper air flow of the machine. Clogged filters can lead to reduced suction power of your machine. The black filters can be washed in warm water and mild detergent and should be completely dry prior to re-installing. Other filters can be replaced, as well as the black ones.

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Works with:
  • CleanView w/ OnePass 9595
  • CleanView w/ OnePass 2410
  • CleanView w/ OnePass 3918

Bissell PowerForce & Helix Turbo Inner and Outer Filter Set 203-7913

by Bissell
Price: $11.67
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  • Allow the filter to air dry completely before replacing.
  • Replaces legacy part number 203-2587
  • This filter set includes the outer filter and the inner filter as seen in the pictures.

Product description

Fits the following vacuum models: CleanView Helix Plus Vacuum 22C1, 22C12, 32Y7 PowerForce Bagless 6594, 6594F, 6594G, 6594J, 6594R, 6594W, 6596R PowerForce Bagless Vacuum 6582, 6579, 65793, 65823, 6582R PowerForce Helix Bagless 12B1, 1240, 1240U, 1240V, 1240W, 12B1C, 12B1D, 12B1E, 12B1R, 12B1U, 12B1V, 12B1W PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless Vacuum 68C71, 2140, 68C7, 68C7C, 68C7R, 68C7U, 68C7V, 68C7W PowerGroom Helix Rewind Vacuum 98N4, 948N41, 98N41, 98N4W Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum 18M9W, 18M9X (dba Shopping) 3M 66809B-2 Bissell Filtrete Vacuum Filter $11.30 (dba Shopping) Bissell CleanView Together with Rewind Upright Vacuum $140.08 (dba Shopping) Bissell CleanView Perfect Pet Vacuum $159.00 (dba Shopping) HEPA Set Motor Filter $17.42

How To Unarmed Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Filter | Cleaner Troubleshooting - For all sorts of bissell powerforce bagless vacuum cleaner escape and solution. This video is produced by in co...


Q. Can I use my Bissell vacuum without the froth filters in place? I have a Bissell vacuum style 9 and 10, and while drying my bubble filter on my balcony it flew off from the wind (stupid mistake) now I can't seem to find any filters in the stores nearvy (Shoppers Drugmart, Safeway, London Drugs) Can I use this...
A. If it's the pre-motor filter, don't do it! If it's the hang up motor filter it's not a big deal, you just won't get any diffusion of the exhaust air nor filtration of micro-particles. You may want...
Q. How can I dispose of stale water smell in a Bissell vacuum? I have a Bissell vacuum with the removable canister for casual disposal. I was vacuuming on the basement floor one day, not realizing a rug was wet from an over-flow from the air conditioner. Anyway, it didn't harm the sweeper, but it now stinks...
A. I soaked my shampooer basin front with bleach one time to get rid of the smell from mine when I put it away with out dumping on accident got side tracked with kids and somebody else put it away...

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