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Italy bans shops from handing out chintzy bags -

He said the supervision was launching a public awareness campaign to promote the use of bags made out of natural and recyclable materials "that don't just have to be practicable and good for the surroundings but also fashionable. In a survey organised by Legambiente, 20,000 shoppers in 80 towns were asked what they would do if they could not buy plastic bags. More than 73% opted for reusable ones, against 16% who chose "bio-counterfeit" bags and 10% paper sacks. In 2002, Ireland introduced a €0. 15 levy on plastic bags which significantly cut their use.


Brabantia PerfectFit G 30 Liter Bin Liners ~ 20 Ct Bags (Covey of 6)

by Brabantia
Price: $35.94
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  • Fit perfectly into your Brabantia waste bin - no ugly overhang
  • Simply check the color code on the inside of your waste bin lid to verify the size bag you need
  • Easy to insert / remove quickly

Product description

6 Packs of 20 count size "G" (23-30 L) Bin Liners. 120 total bin liners. To verify the size you need, simply check the inside of your waste bin lid. Bags are easy to insert and remove quickly. Bags fit perfectly into your Brabantia waste bin with no ugly overhang. Draw string for easy sealing and transport.

Brabantia 246784 Kind H Roll of 10 Bin Liners, Fits Bins of 50-60 Liter (Pack of 6 Rolls)

by Brabantia
Price: $35.94
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  • Provided with special ventilation holes which makes it easier to insert the waste bag
  • Easy to insert neatly and to remove quickly ~ A perfect fit for your Brabantia waste bin - no ugly overwrap
  • Suitable for 50 litre Touch Bin®, Open Top Bin and Push Bin

Product description

A smart solution for your waste disposal! Brabantia bin liners are precisely tailored to fit your Brabantia waste bin. And they are very easy to use. Just pull the sealing tape and the bin liner will be removed and sealed, just like that. Check the colour code on the inside of the lid of your waste bin and you'll know what size you need.

Brabantia Bin Liner Bag Compass

These bin liners have been particularly developed for all Brabantia waste bins. You will recognise the correct size/type of bin liners by means of the special c...

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Brabantia Bin Liners - Trash Bags - Brabantia Trash Bags ... Brabantia Bin Liners are usage trash bags that fit exactly in their corresponding Brabantia trash cans. These trash bags are made of polyethylene and have tie closures.

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