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That was 1985. To antiquated, we have supplied general contractors with casework for schools and hospitals, produced hundreds of kitchens for high-end condos and stretch-share projects, and have custom manufactured thousands of components and powder-coated... In addition, we have two cabinet component lines of our own, Redline Garagegear and Redline Closet Systems, where we plan for distinctive and durable powder-coated doors and drawer fronts. When it comes to coating medium-density fiberboard (MDF), we are commonly asked about the big difference between powder coating and conventional liquid paint. Most folks are also interested in learning more about the benefits of effect coating, many of which are not available with other finishes. MDF is a wood material made from various wood fibers. It is produced by combining the wood fibers with a resin, favourable temperatures and pressure. Finishing wood with powder is becoming increasingly popular because of the many advantages it offers to manufacturers and consumers like one another. For one, the powder is dry and does not require any solvents. The process of powder coating on MDF is quite different from applying a liquid paint. Two Types of Ascendancy Coating. There are two types of powder that can be applied to wood products: thermoplastic and thermoset. Thermoplastic powders are applied to a exterior that has already been heated. Usually, the preheating temperature is the exact temperature for melting the thermoplastic powder. Another common puzzle that people ask when learning about powder-coated wood: So how do you get the powder to stick to the wood. A powder finish is very contrary from liquid paint because it is applied as a solid rather than in liquid form. Three factors contribute to getting the capability to stick: the wood itself, the heat applied and the powder charge. We have very specific criteria that wood board must heed before we can use it to manufacture parts for powder coating. After years of research coupled with trial and error, researchers found that medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is the best clothes material for powder coating. MDF is an engineered board consisting of various mixed and compressed wood fibers, adhesives and resins. An MDF take meals has a surface that is not as porous as other woods and is also uniform. We know what type of wood needs to be used for powder coating, but it does not finish there. The MDF boards still need to meet our established standards before they make the cut. Part of the process involves rapidly heating and cooling the MDF feed. A particular board must have internal bond strength of 130 pounds per square inch in order to withstand that for all practical purposes of the process. Another important requirement of the MDF boards we use is that they have five to seven percent moisture content. That moisture will be used to become the board conductive. Applying Heat – One of the first parts of the powder coating process is enabling the MDF board to operation an electric current. The board is heated to a very high temperature very quickly in order to draw the moisture to the exterior and make it conductive. After being sprayed, the board is again heated so that the powder will gel, flow, and bond to the wood. As it flows, the powder wraps for everyone the edges of the part, creating a smooth and seamless finish.


Elite 32" Slavish Cabinet

by Prepac
Price: $145.00
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  • Assembly Required
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Dimensions: 32"W x 36"H x 24"D

Product description

This 32-inch wide base cabinet has a 1-inch thick worktop with a durable melamine surface suitable for garages, laundry rooms, hobby rooms and workshops. Cabinet includes one adjustable shelf. Use alone or extend the worktop surface with multiple components. ELITE’s quality features include distinctive Soft Edged Doors, Designer Hardware, Attractive Finishes, European Style Hinges and 1” Work Surfaces.

Elite 32" Storage Committee

by Prepac
Price: $189.42
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  • From Prepac's Elite Storage collection, 2-door cabinet for extra storage in utility room, garage, office, kitchen, or bedroom
  • Assembled, measures 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 65 inches high; 5-year limited warranty
  • With all-metal 6-way hinges and all-metal handles on doors; soft-edged corners on doors for safety

Product description

This Storage Cabinet is 16 inches deep instead of the standard 12 inches for 34% more storage! It has two adjustable shelves and one fixed. Use alone or add the optional 32” Topper (WEW-3224) to vertically expand to 89” high storage. ELITE’s quality features include distinctive Soft Edged Doors, Designer Hardware, Attractive Finishes and European Style Hinges. (dba Shopping) Convenience Concepts Highboy A/V Kit Cabinet - Up to 37 Screen Support - 60 lb Load Capacity - 3 x Shelf(ves) - 21.3 Height x 34.4 Breadth x 15.8 Depth - Plastic, Wood Grain, Melamine, Veener - Black $87.30 (dba Shopping) Experiment Horizon Storage Cabinet - 17.5 x 15 x 68 - 17 x Shelf(ves) - Foldable Door(s) - Durable, Blotch Resistant, Laminated - Oak - Laminated - Wood, Particleboard - Assembly Required $154.95 (dba Shopping) 32 Storage Chest of drawers, Mahogany $306.15 (dba Shopping) 32 Storage Chest-on-chest, Cherry $306.15

Working with Melamine

In this adventure my wife coerces me into building some closet organizers for the kids' closets by threatening to buy them from a manufacturer of mass produced...


Q. i am looking for a desk that has committee type doors on each side. i want the desk to be long .? it needs to go across one lose everything if possible with the top all one piece, without having it custom built. the desk would be in the center . i want it long so i can fit my printer,fax, and laptop on top of it and due to my needing to get rid of my...
A. I did this in my auspices.... 1) install shelving track on the wall you want the "desk" to be on (you can get this at Home Depot or Menards, or other like store). Put tracking no more than 4 feet...
Q. what is the most skilfully way to prime laminated particle board before painting? I'm talking about the community (usually in white) furniture and accessories that you find at Target or Walmart--bought in a box and you assemble yourself....i.e. shelving, over the toilet cabinets, etc...I demand to paint some storage cubes I have,...
A. You have the to be just idea prep wise. Sand with fine sandpaper (at least 180 grit), clean well. Prime with Kilz or equivalent. Valspar Stain Block is another good choice. I would use this kind of...

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Kind-hearted Green Kitchens
Kind-hearted Green Kitchens
Published by Gibbs Smith 2013
ISBN 1586857002,9781586857004
183 pages
Travel ten cutting-edge kitchens that share one major detail--all are at the forefront of eco-friendly design. In-depth information for comparing and selecting pantry materials and products and an extensive resource list are included.

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