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Janome Polished Grey Basic, Easy-to-Use, 10-stitch Portable, 5 lb Compact Sewing

Janome Polished Grey Basic, Easy-to-Use, 10-stitch Portable, 5 lb Compact Sewing TimeLeft:
22d 10h 37m
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Riccar Rental Fundamental Sewing Machine Model 2800

Riccar Rental Fundamental Sewing Machine Model 2800 TimeLeft:
21d 4h 4m
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Janome Lady Lilac Essential, Easy-to-Use, 10-Stitch, Compact Sewing Machine OPEN BOX

Janome Lady Lilac Essential, Easy-to-Use, 10-Stitch, Compact Sewing Machine OPEN BOX TimeLeft:
20d 2h 46m
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Sewing Machine Mini 2-Quickness Double Thread, Double Speed, Portable Sewing Machine With Light and Cutter,White/Purple

by iMAX
Price: $29.95
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  • Mini 2-speed sewing machine offers double thread and perfect stitch control
  • This sewing machine is basic sewing machine,small and portable, with easy-to-use features,suit for new sewing machine user.
  • For anything from silk to denim; hand switch or foot pedal to start

Product description

--This is a mini sewing machine that features double thread, double speed and automatic thread rewind
--You can use hand switch or foot pedal to start. Foot pedal, adaptor, and thread bag included. Uses DC 6V power

--The mini Sew Machine can stitch on any fabric from delicate silks to denims.With a top drop-in bobbin, this Sewing Machine makes threading the needle seem like a cake walk
--The Sew Machine also has an automatic thread rewind feature and a simple on/off control button which saves your time and energy

--Occasionally, the bobbin case may become loose and move freely within the throat of the machine, or it may pop out. This can be remedied by re-aligning the bobbin. The repositioning of the bobbin can be done by hand by turning it and gently shaking back and forth. If the bobbin is stuck and you are not able to turn it or reposition it by hand, a screwdriver can be used gently to lift it in order to reposition correctly and place the black knob to the left side of the white plastic edge. Please be careful to gently lift the plastic edge with the screwdriver, applying too much pressure can make the plastic edge break

--Note:Before you purchase ,please attetion this Mini Sewing Machine is a basic level machine, it cann't sewing the thick certain fabrics(thick jeans),just ordinary thin fabric

Package Includes:
4x bobbins
1x foot pedal
1x threader

Product Specifications:
Model: JIAYI-202
Approximate Product Dimensions: 7.1" x 3.6" x 7.48"
Product Weight:1.46 pounds

The Mini Sewing Machine¡¯ surface have a little machine oil that is no problem just to keep the machine run better. You can clear the machine oil before use it
Fit for these materials:

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The Sewing Machine Classroom: Learn the Ins & Outs of Your Machine

by Krause Publications
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Price: $20.23
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Product description

Make the Most of Your Sewing Machine!

Join author Charlene Phillips as you learn all about your new best friend--your sewing machine! From fabric to feet to finished product, you'll be guided through techniques for mastering your machine and using it to perform basic to advanced stitching tasks. Whether you've been sewing for years or just gotten the itch, you'll find invaluable information inside for using your sewing machine to its maximum potential.

Learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot machine problems like skipped stitches, needle breaks and tension troubles
  • Perform basic maintenance on your machine to keep it running smoothly
  • Choose fabrics, threads and other materials that will keep your machine running at full capacity and result in quality projects
  • Recognize and utilize the best sewing machine feet to achieve the desired results
  • Refine everyday tasks from installing zippers to sewing buttonholes and constructing perfect hems
  • Create beautiful embellishments like scallops, ruches, smocking, pin tucks, cutwork, puffing and entredeux to enhance any sewn project or garment

An indispensable reference book to keep next to your machine, inside you'll find quick answers to all your sewing problems. Take control of your sewing machine and achieve wonderful results every time! Meagre Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table $219.19 (dba Shopping) Chum Project Runway XR9500PRW Electric Sewing Machine - 100 Built-In Stitches - Automatic Threading - Portable $215.26 (dba Shopping) Laura Ashley Small Edition CX155LA Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine with Built-in Font for Basic Monogramming $264.05 (dba Shopping) Fellow-countryman Sewing Machine Computerized Sewing Machine HS2500 $277.40
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Sewing Basics 1: How to thread your machine.

Video tutorial covering the basics of winding a bobbin and threading a model sewing machine.


Q. How much would it start to begin a intriguer label making clothes for a specific age range? Sewing machines, et Like the basics. Sewing machines, materials, other paraphernalia, etc. to make high-end clothes.
A. It's utterly expensive to set up a high end atelier workshop. The initial investment in machines, not just sewing machines but cutting equipment, pressing equipment, etc requires a bank lend. Don't...
Q. What are compliant things to sew for a beginner sewer? I have a new machine, textile, sewing basket ect. Also what are the basics to include in a sewing basket?? it would help if you could give directions for things to sew! thanks heaps!!
A. Primary sewing supplies, pretty minimal: --Good fabric scissors, with blades as long as you can comfortably cut with -- longer blades give more wisely cuts (use the entire blade length!). Fiskars are a...

Books and Magazines

Sewing Basics
Sewing Basics
Published by Murdoch 2011
ISBN 1741967503,9781741967500
272 pages
Few people learn to sew from their mothers any more, but innumerable would love to master this rewarding and enjoyable skill. SEWING BASICS is the ultimate bible for sewing at home, making sewing accessible for all. Covering fabrics, sewing machines, on hand sewing, fitting, finishing, trouble-shooting and much more, this comprehensive and easy-to-follow book will soon have you approaching a needle and thread with confidence. For beginners culture how to hem and for more experienced sewers who need help dealing with difficult fabrics, SEWING BASICS is an invaluable reference to keep on the bookshelf for many years to come.

Learn basics of sewing Beginner's sewing tips & tricks Democratic video lesson with teacher

Elect the right type of sewing machine A definitely basic electric machine with manual functions sews light and mid-weight cottons for garments or patchwork, but won't cope well with floaty chiffons, tweeds or stitching layers of denim. Advanced sewing and stitching For making curtains and position ...

Sewing Machine Basics - Creativebug - Creativebug - Ingenuity Classes ... Learn to humbug bobbins and thread a sewing machine with Liesl Gibson in a free sewing craft video.

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Choosing a Sewing Machine for a Beginning Quilter Learn which machines proposal the best value for beginning quilters who are often overwhelmed by the many sewing machine choices available to them. A multiplicity of sewing machines floods the market for every kidney of sewing project imaginable.

Sewing Machine Basics - Enfranchise sewing projects, free learn to sew ... Sewing Machine Basics Time1 PowerSwitch Somemachineshaveapowerswitchto turnthemachineoffandon,andthis switchmaybeseparatefromtheone controllingthemachinelight.Ifchildren

Kids Sewing Machine Let the Sewing Fun Begin. Fabricate Something Fun Today!

How to judge But they're less high-priced and fine for basic sewing. Many electronic sewing machines have touchpad controls and recommend the best stitch, settings, presser foot, and more, based on the substantial. Don't be intimidated. All of the electronic models in our ...

Sewing Machine Techniques : Basics of Using a Sewing Machine Using a sewing machine requires preparation, such as winding the bobbin, loading the bobbin, loading the spool of pick at the top, threading the machine and setting ...

Sewing Basics Sewing Books for All Sewist. Learn Tips, Tricks, Skill & More!

Sewing Machine Basics | Sewing Machine Basics is caboodle you need to begin sewing projects. It starts off with a basic overview of all the parts of the sewing machine and moves you ...

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