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Here’s where we come to another justifiable why the Neato BotVac is better than other robot vacuums: room mapping. Most robot vacs roll across the storey until they hit something, pivot, roll till they bump something else, pivot and so on. The BotVac uses a laser scanner and proprietary steering software based on SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) –... With smart mapping, the BotVac continually scans the dwelling to creates maps so it can clean in a back and forth straight line pattern. The BotVac had no problems sweeping under chairs and roughly all the obstacles in my basement living room – once I fixed the areas where it tended to get hung up. My basement room is about 20 x 15 feet, the BotVac took about one hour to vacuum that... Now it wouldn’t have enough juice to completely position itself back on the charging base and I’ve come home to find it a few inches away from the base. That said, the BotVac is percipient enough to go back to the base when the battery is getting low, recharge and then automatically go back and finish the vacuuming the area where it left off. The bad news is that the battery should finish finally about a year if you use the vacuum three times a week. The vac will still work, but run time will be diminished. The good news is that the battery can easily be replaced. For my next tests I moved the BotVac upstairs to see if it had any issues usual from carpet to vinyl floors to area rugs. Cat kibble, dead lady bugs (we always have problems with them in our house) and crumbs were no equivalent for the BotVac. It was even able to clean up the little pellets of clumping cat litter that Max kicks out of the cat box in his bathroom. Other areas I thought might reason problems did not. The BotVac vacuumed under the bed without getting hung up and was also able to avoid falling down the basement stairway. I should also suggest that the vacuum is not as loud as regular upright vacs. You can hold a conversation in the same room that it is vacuuming without much effort. Final thoughts The only difficulty with the Neato BotVac 80 is that you will need to remember to clean out the dirt bin and make sure to clean out any stuck pet hair from the boscage after each vacuuming session so that it doesn’t stop with errors the... The filter is the hardest thing to keep clean. I’ve started using a daily vacuum with an edge attachment tool to clean in between the folds of the filter at least once a week. Replacement filters will be an on-present expense with vacuum cleaner. You can buy a 4 pack from Amazon for $20. I’ve been using the Neato BotVac 80 robot vacuum cleaner for a few weeks now and I absolutely fervour it. So much so that I have considered buying a second one so we have one on each floor. Although it took a few cleaning cycles to learn where the unit might get stuck and that the dirt bin and undergrowth need to be cleaned regularly, this has quickly become one of my favorite gadgets of all time. I love coming home from line and opening the front door to see fresh vacuum lines on the carpet, which lets me know that it’s been cleaned. Source: The sample for this consider was provided by Neato. We had our Roomba for years and years until it died (Foster dog MAX might have helped this). We went a long time replacing the roomba, as we had bought TWO houses and the ~$600 cost tag just didn’t jive with our “responsible spending” However when a refurbished $600 model showed up on meh.


Neato Botvac D80 Clod Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

by Neato Robotics
List price: $441.65
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  • LaserSmart mapping and navigation system scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans-instead of bumping around.
  • Kindly refer the user manual given below for product information.
  • Auto-Charge & Resume lets your robot clean room to room; when it needs more power, it automatically returns to charge, then returns to where it left off & finishes the job.

Product description

Smart, powerful, high-performance Robot vacuum. Great for homes with pets. While you do other things, Neato BotVac vacuums dirt, crumbs, dust bunnies, and pet hair from all floor types and every corner of your home. D-shape with corner clever - exclusive d-shape with corner clever technology destroys dirt where it hides and keeps corners clean. Extra large bag less dirtying and Jumbo high performance filter capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, like mold and pet dander. Perfect for all floor types and pet hair pick-up.

Neato Robotics XV-12 Self-governing Vacuum Cleaner

by Neato
Price: $279.99
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  • Laser guided to avoid obstacles and furniture
  • Large, bag less dirt bin
  • Automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors

Product description

The Neato XV-12 Automatic All-Floor Vacuum Cleaner is ready to take on the task of keeping your floors neat and clean. It's Smart-using RPS (laser guided Room Positioning System) the vacuum sees it surroundings and creates a map of everything, including furniture, objects and doorways. It's Powerful-features an advanced high-performance vacuum system. It's Simple-one button operation and you can schedule it for daily cleanings and the vacuum will automatically return to its charging base. (dba Shopping) Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished $299.99 (dba Shopping) Important Vacuum 2-Pack Vacuum Filters Fits Neato XV-11 XV11; Part # 945-0004 (9450004) $6.99

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Neato Robotics
ISBN 613917676X,9786139176762
116 pages
Wish note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Neato Robotics is a robotics company located in Newark, California. Their upshot, the Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner, began selling in 2010 for $399.00. The company has around 25 employees, and in 2009 attracted $15 million in funding. Opposite from the Roomba vacuum cleaner which goes randomly around a room, the Neato robot travels in straight paths with minimum of overlap, with the help of a laser wander finder, which sweeps around in a full 360 circle, and the SLAM algorithm which allows it to map the room being vacuumed while it is completing its task. The XV-11 is skilled to locate its charger and charge itself when running out of energy, and has sensors which prevent it from falling off stairs.

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