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Aged Country Wood Finger Clip Grip Broom Mop Holder - Kitchen Tool

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Almshouse- It Mop and Broom Holder, 5 position with 6 hooks garage storage Holds up to 11 Tools, storage solutions for broom holders, garage storage systems broom organizer for garage shelving ideas

by home-it
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  • superior Quality Tool Rack Holds Mops, Brooms, or Sports Equipment and Storage Tool Rack Storage & Organization for the Home Plastic Hanger for Closet Garage Organizer Shed Organizer Basement Storage (High Quality)Easy release by lifting the handle
  • broom organizer wall mount broom organizer rack Rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle's thickness and grips it securely
  • Each ball holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight

Product description

A "wall" organizer designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying thickness. Simply insert a handle into a slot and a rounded, gravity controlled, rolling ball automatically adjusts to the handle's thickness and grips it securely. Use in the laundry, garage, garden, utility room, offices, and more. Plastic Mop, Broom, and Long-Handled Tool or Sports Equipment Holder System-Mount on the Wall in Your Home's Kitchen or Garage - Hang Items Securely- Great Storage Idea for Staying Organized-Best Lifetime Guarantee. BR BR titular de la escoba.

Champ Handle. Strongest Grippers Mop Broom Holders with 5 Ball Slots and 6 Hooks. Items Guaranteed Non Slide. Life-time Guarantee.

by Champ Grip®
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Price: $12.00
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  • There are 5 ball slots and 6 hooks so you can organize 11 cleaning utilities in one place. Hooks can be folded up and out of the way. Easy to follow installation instructions are provided and free microfiber cloth.
  • Fast delivery. Easy to fix. 6 screws and 6 anchors to hold the wall mount organizer to ensure strong and sturdy holding. Additional packet of screws and anchors are provided in case you lost some of it. Notice : Please do not over tighten the screws as the holder is made of plastic.
  • It has rubber grips on both sides of the ball slot so it holds very well. It is guaranteed non slide even with the thinnest or smoothest handles will not slide down. It can also hold heavy items without sliding down. Upon hanging wet mops it can dry or air out so that you won't have that "musty" odor.

Product description

Your Best Protected Investment Ever

Never have to buy again

- 5 ball slots and 6 hooks to organize 11 cleaning utilities in one place
- Hooks can be folded up and out of the way
- Easy to follow installation instructions
- Easy to install
- 2 packets of 6 screws and 6 anchors provided but you need only 1 packet
- Rubber grips on both sides of ball slot to grip securely
- Guarantee non slide with any types of handled materials
- Can hold heavy items like wet commercial mops, swiffers, etc...
- Can be used anywhere in the garage, garden, kitchen, laundry, offices, etc...
- It is strong, sturdy, long lasting and weatherproof
- Free microfiber cloth

Main Benefits/Features

There are 5 ball slots and 6 hooks for you to organize your cleaning tools all in one small space freeing up your floor space.

The Champ Grip Broom and Mop Organizer measures at 40.5cm (length), 6cm (breadth) and 8.5cm (height).

The ball slots can hold up to 2.5cm in diameter. The square rubber brake can be removed to increase the holding diameter of up to 3cm. You can hang your cleaning tools at any heights to prevent congestion or overcrowding and still the tools will not slide down. This shows how efficient the organizer is.

Backed by a Lifetime No-hassle Free Replacement Guaranteed. Contact seller for details

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Great Quotes from Happy Customers

"This Champ Grip holder has been a God send"

"Holds 2 heavy wet commercial mops easily at whatever height we choose"

"Holds slender handled dusters as securely as large handled brooms"

"Does exactly what it says, NON SLIDE! Love it"

"I put a 35 pound weight on the end of a broom and it did not budge. This thing is the real deal" (dba Shopping) Evriholder Mop/Broom Holder Utility $16.66 (dba Shopping) Mop & Broom Holder $6.13 (dba Shopping) THE Pay-off 333-6 WHT2 Mop/Broom Holder, 6 Handle, 34 In $44.48 (dba Shopping) Interdesign Broom/Mop Holder Abs Phony 2-1/2 X 3-1/4 White $7.97

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Q. Anyone have an economical idea for storing brooms/mops in an apartment? I have a 1-bdrm apartment and not much storage align. I don't have a broom closet, so right now my regular broom, swiffer sweeper and swiffer mop are just sitting in a corner in the hallway. I would love to not have to look at them, but still...
A. I toughened to put mine in the space between the wall and the refrigerator. The fridge was luckily not right up against the wall! You also could make them a little decorative. Get a box or something,...
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A. Buy a Liveliness Extinguisher, flashlights, a ladder, a stepladder, extra light-bulbs, batteries, a bucket, some ammonia, comet, vinegar , vacuum cleaner writing-paper towels and holder. Bath and Shower...

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