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Miele designed this vacuum to be one of its top-refinement models, hence the name. The S548 vacuum really does provide a pleasurable experience, just like its drinkable counterpart. It glides across the shock at the slightest touch, not to mention the ergonomic Miele soft handle that takes stress off your lower back and wrist as you vacuum. Thanks to its productive canister design and the soft-grip handles, you can easily carry this lightweight vacuum around the house with you. Where upright vacuums would normally tip and get moving over, the two-part Miele S548 vacuum sits easily on your staircase thanks to its sturdy canister base. This ease of maneuverability is one of the hallmarks of a choice Miele vacuum. Another Miele feature is the superior HEPA filtration system. The Miele Champagne’s exhaust is actually purified air. This means that when you buy the Champagne, you are essentially getting two appliances in one enclose-a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner and an excellent air filter as well. No other vacuum maker can boast that they will clean your carpets and make your air healthier at the same previously. Miele has also included thoughtful extras, which is one reason why their customer satisfaction rating is so consistently high. But vacuums that are not designed to handgrip these surfaces will either leave them dirty, damage them, or both. The Miele S548 vacuum cleaner is specially designed to handle bare floors of all kinds and comes equipped with a parquet worst tool for this express purpose. In addition to the floor brush, the S548 vacuum also comes standard with a crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle and a dusting grove. You’ll also find that Miele offers a five-year unlimited warranty with this vacuum. This confidence in their product is well-placed, because most Miele consumers piece that their vacuum is extremely low-maintenance and can last for decades. One example of this is the fact that the S548 Champagne’s vacuum belt, normally a sensitive size on a vacuum, is cogged with teeth and therefore almost impossible to break. Miele has ensured that your vacuum will be a one-time expense by striving to make replacement parts compatible with every exemplar they sell, so that in the unlikely event that your S548 does break down, repairing it will be quick and easy. The obvious attraction for canister vacuums like the Miele Champagne is their lightweight conspiracy, which allows them to be carried easily and placed on uneven surfaces such as stairs. Also, even though other vacuum makers offer HEPA filters, no other callers puts them in a completely sealed, airtight system to ensure maximum effectiveness. Miele does this especially well and goes one better with their 5 year word of honour. Such durability and reliability make this vacuum very cost-effective, and its attractive looks make it a great accessory for your dwelling-place. The Miele S548 is a higher-end vacuum and as such, comes with a higher price tag. Some consumers feel that this is a good investment considering the features and durability that they are getting. others article that they often get confused when differentiating between the various Miele canister models. They feel that the price scale is unbalanced because the main disagreement between vacuums seems to be accessories rather than basic power. All Miele canister vacuums have the same great suction.


(Uncontrollable FIXED!) Type SF-AH30 Charcoal Activated HEPA Filter for Miele S300-S600 S2 S7 vacuum cleaners. By Green Label.

by Miele
List price: $24.99
Price: $22.99
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  • Will NOT fit S4 or S5 Galaxy Series vacuums (any S4xxx or S5xxx)
  • Traps microscopic particles and allergens plus charcoal for odor control
  • PROBLEM FIXED! Please read Product Description section below for details

Product description

We previously received a batch of these filters that were defective and customer reviews reflect it. A new mold was created specifically for these filters. These NEW filters are now made with the new mold and fit and function without a problem. We apologize to all the customers who had to deal with returning the defective filters, it was definitely not intentional on our part.

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