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MIELE ART Righteous VACUUM CLEANER HS09 - HEPA - New Bag & Filter - Swivel Wand

MIELE ART Righteous VACUUM CLEANER  HS09 - HEPA - New Bag & Filter - Swivel Wand TimeLeft:
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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags Classification FJM AirClean S241-S256i S290-S291 S300i-S399 S500-S578 S700-S758 S4000-S4999 S6000-S6999 (4 bags 2 filters)

by Miele
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  • 1 - Motor Filter
  • S500 - S578, S700 - S758, S4000 - S4999
  • 1 - Super Air Clean Filter

Product description

The new Miele FJM AirClean vacuum bags are an improvement over the earlier design. Over 80 years of experience have allowed Miele engineers to design a truly improved vacuum bag. The new design employs nine levels of filtration, improved air flow, high strength netting, and up to 30% improved performance and design over its predecessor. A new self sealing collar locks dust and contents inside of the dust bag so they do not escape into your home when replacing bags.

Each box of AirClean vacuum bags contains the following:

*4 - pack of FJM AirClean Vacuum Bags
*1 - Motor Filter
*1 - Super Air Clean Filter

Miele FJM AirClean vacuum bags are used with the following Miele vacuums: S4000-S4999, S700-S758S, S500-S578, S300i-S399, S290-S291, S241-S256i.

Miele Filtration Miele offers an array of high-quality, multi-layered filter cartridges that capture dust, dander and allergens. When combined with our AirClean FilterBags, these hygienic filters form an advanced 12-stage AirClean System that retains 99.9+% of all dust particles.

FJM FilterBags For use with S246 — S256, S300, S700, S4000 and S6000 Series canister vacuums. Features a unique self-locking Auto-Seal collar that ensures particulates are never released back into the air once they’re captured.

Self-Locking Auto-Seal Collar Ensures that particles are never released back into the air once they’re captured.

Clean and Easy Disposal Self-locking collar means no dust or mess when disposing of FilterBags.

Color-Coded Color-coded collar makes it easy to identify and replace the FilterBag when necessary.

The vacuum that truly cleans. And lasts. Since 1899, Miele has been dedicated to producing state-of-the-art home appliances, and we support your passion for a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home with our innovative, award-winning collection of vacuum cleaners. Our canister and upright vacuum cleaners help you care for all aspects of your home. Miele's advanced, technologically-superior filtration systems also improve the quality of air in your home.

Genuine Miele Parts and Accessories. Imitation turns from flattering to dangerous when imposter vacuum parts are put to use. Miele’s AirClean Sealed System design is the most effective and hygienic method of removing particulate matter from your home, but only when genuine Miele FilterBags and filters are used.

Independent tests show that a counterfeit dustbag and filter does not effectively capture particles – increasing your exposure to harmful substances. Not only will counterfeit parts increase your exposure to fine particles, these results show that they reduce your vacuum’s air flow, undermining cleaning performance by more than 12%.

Miele ART Hot Chocolate Honest Vacuum

by Miele
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  • On/Off Foot Switch
  • Bypass motor allows you to pick up hard objects: coins, paper clips, etc. without harming the motor
  • Front wheels are rubber and rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering

Art by Miele Handstaubsauger der Extraklasse

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Q. What are some vacuum cleaners that do NOT have a groom-roll? I can't use boscage roll vacuums due to long hair on the carpet which has destroyed other vacuums with brush-rolls. I know Miele Art is one -does anyone know any others? TY.
A. Every canister vacuum I identify of has a way to put a plain floor brush on the end of the wand instead of a beater brush. Shop-vacs also just have plain brushes.

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Yearbook Dutch Study 03/04
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