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4 Hoover HEPA High style Filters Fit Windtunnel T-Series Part # 303172001 & 303172002

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HEPA stands for principal-efficiency particulate air filter. Compared to other types of filter, HEPA filters can filter out 99% more air pollutants. This is a replacement for: Segment # 303172001 & 303172002Works well with the following Hoover T-Series models: Hoover Rewind models: Rewind Bagless UH70110, Bagged UH30300, P.A.W.S, PAWS, UH70100, UH70105, UH70106, UH70107, UH70115, UH70116, UH70120, UH70130, UH70200, UH70212, & UH70205 Hoover T-Series upright models: UH30300, UH70100, UH70105, UH70106, UH70107, UH70110, UH70212, UH70115, UH70116, UH70120, UH70130, UH70200, & UH70205p. limited{line-height: 1;}p.big{line-height: 2;} Please note the following important information about this product from Contrive Crucial: (i) it is a generic replacement, NOT a Hoover Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product; (ii) because it is not a Hoover OEM product, it is not covered by any Hoover guarantee or warranty; (iii) use of this generic replacement may outrage or void Hoover's guarantee or warranty - it is entirely your responsibility to check, and entirely your risk if you decide to use this product; (iv) we do not guarantee or document that this generic replacement is compatible with any product from Hoover or any other provider. Please check your manufacturer's warranty with regard to the use of non-OEM parts. Have in mind Crucial provides no warranty or guarantee with regard to the product or its compatibility with your Hoover product. The Hoover brand and all Hoover trademarks belong to Hoover or its affiliates, and are inured to here only to explain the compatibility features of the generic replacement product.