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36 Hoover Order Y Windtunnel Cloth Bags Part # 4010100Y, 4010801Y & 43655082

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Nearly all and sundry hates (or at least doesn't like)cleaning, that's a fact, but you might hate it less if your vacuum were doing a better job. Try swapping out the vacuum bags in your Hoover WindTunnel regularly with this 36 conk out of Hoover Type Y cloth vacuum bags. Each bag features a thick cloth filter media designed to trap dust and allergens for exalted quality filtration. In your vacuum, they'll offer cleaner air, and more efficient vacuuming, because you won't be losing small particles. This is a replacement for: Hoover part # 4010100Y, 4010801Y, & 43655082Designed to fit: WindTunnel Unexcelled Bagged Upright U5458910, U5468900, U5470900, & U5481980 Savvy Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright UH40110, U8172900, U8174900, U8181900, U8181950, U8183900, & U8185900 WindTunnel Self-Propelled Ultra Bagged Upright U64019RM, U6420900, U6434900, U6436900, U6439900, U6445906, U6471900, U6476900, U6476910, U6485100, U6485200B, U6485300B, U6485900, & U6485900B Tempo WidePath Bagged Upright U5140900, U5144900, U5145900, & U5148900 WindTunnel Bagged Upright U54219RM, U5436950, U5453900, U5458900, U5460900, U5462900, & U5467900 WindTunnel Dual V Bagless U8126900, U8140900, & U8144900 Self Propelled WindTunnel Reward Upright U6426900 & U6470910 WindTunnel Lite U5404900, U5472900, & U5473900 2 in 1 Convertible Upright U8187900 WindTunnel Dual V Bagless U8120900 & U8147900 Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagged Upright UH50000 & UH50005B WindTunnel Bagged Upright C1712900, C1705900, U53019RM, U5491900, U5491950, U8188900, UH30070, & UH30085 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright U5140900B, UH30015, & UH30030HDp. slight{line-height: 1;}p.big{line-height: 2;} Please note the following important information about this product from Make up Crucial: (i) it is a generic replacement, NOT a Hoover Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product; (ii) because it is not a Hoover OEM product, it is not covered by any Hoover guarantee or warranty; (iii) use of this generic replacement may molest or void...