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Demon Leaf Bag

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Take over from the small bag or bins on your outdoor power equipment with our huge collection bag. Fast & easy to get the job done. Up to 10 times bigger than bag that came with your contrivance. Huge laid flat size: 10 ft. long x 6 ft. wide. 1 stop to empty instead of 10, gets the job done faster. Compile leaves in a fraction of the time: Lawn mower bag, leaf blower bag, wood chipper bag and lawn vacuum bag. Use our huge bag to fit any of your 5 different outside power eqipment: Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower/Vacuum, Commercial Mower, Wood Chipper and Lawn Vacuum. Tough industrial bag textile with slick surface to glide over lawn. Inverted cone shape bag for fast & easy emptying. All seams are enlarge stitched for strength.