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Household Essentials 144222-1 Over-The-Door Ironing Board, Satin Melodious

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Protect, self-retracting over-the-door ironing board. Built-in U-hook iron holder at the top of the board. Sturdier design with support feet that stabilizes board while unincumbered and protects doors. Includes hooks for standard and commercial doors and coverpad. Steel frame 14 inches deviating, 44 inches deep; steel ironing surface 14 inches wide, 24 inches long. Household Essentials's Self-Closing Over-the-Door Ironing Board rests wash out against the back of the door for a better fit and a steadier ironing board. It's a steel-frame board with a steel-mesh ironing surface. It's more compact than a standard board, and so is perfect for smaller perplex plans. The board fits over standard or commercial doors (includes hooks for both). 2 feet at the base of the board support it while revealed, keeping it steadier. The feet also protect your door from scrapes and scuffs. The Over-the-Door Ironing Board even has a built in iron holder, so the iron is a easy to get to as the board And best of all, the board is self-retracting. This means e