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Best Essay Cartoons of the Year 2011

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The polity's top editorial cartoonists make sure that all of the triumphs and tragedies of 2010 bear representation, including Barack Obama's plummeting trendiness ratings and the Tea Party movement. Welcome, yet limited distractions from the state of the economy, were the entertainment industry, sports, the introduction of the iPhone 4, and the ban on Trill. Rendering some of the most insightful and entertaining commentary of the past year are nationally recognized cartoonists. Their ironic images and satiric sketches also covered chief corporations during their fifteen minutes of fame after reports on the GM takeover, the BP oil spill, and the Toyota recalls. From Haiti's earthquake and Tiger Woods" issue to the 9/11 mosque and Sarah Palin's political ambitions, no topic is left untouched. Pelican has presented this compilation of the wilderness's most outstanding editorial cartoons since 1972. Selected for clarity of position as well as for exceptional execution, the featured works are the most payable editorial cartoons from publications across the country.