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Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Dryer, Tan

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Patented astonish standing dryer with 3 arms and 4 attached clothespins to hang air-dry garments. Tripod base provides maximum soundness. Newly re-designed arms for even more strength and stability. Divets and holes to hold up to 33 hangers (2 on the end). 64.57 inches violent, 26 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. Household Essentials Tripod Dryer is the original legendary-but now improved This elegant, free-standing dryer helps you conveniently air dry your clothes-thereby extending the life and longevity of your clothing. The dryer has a unswerving tripod stance, for excellent stability. Its 3, sturdy plastic arms hold up to 33 hangers. Each arm has notches that hangers can laze about on, openings that hangers can fit through, and an extended hook at the end. This updated dryer also comes with 4 clothespins that attach to the dryer and let you abashed smaller items. With its easy-to-use push-button open and close, the tripod dryer sets up quickly and folds down beyond for compact storage. Perfect for fine fabrics, slacks, and dresses This sturdy tripod dryer has a patented design that guarantees you the best results. This dryer is 64.57 inches tall, 26 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. So don't be fooled by imitations. Get the best. Get the ORIGINAL-now better than ever. Get the well-informed in, sturdy, and attractive tripod clothes dryer.