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A winter's Cimmerian dark at a cabin in Southeast Alaska - Kitsap Sun

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - There was a collective sough of relief as our group reached the Peterson Lake Trail parking lot. A few inches of crusty snow blanketed the section. Winter had settled in Southeast Alaska. As frequent summer visitors to the area's public use cabins, we had decided to list a stay at the recently remodeled Peterson Lake Cabin. The cabin is located at the end of a 4. 5-mile-long pull that has seen upgrades in recent years. Getting there means following a gentle uphill grade that follows a historic horse tramway some time ago used to access a mining claim in the area. The Peterson family ran the mining operation in that watershed (which bears their style) from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. On this day, our party of five included two children, one six and the other three, my husband and my father, who was visiting from Oregon. Our project was to stay one night and the weather (it was clear and crisp) appeared to be in our favor. About three minutes down the trail, our optimism faded. The snow had ended just a few steps in and the pulk now grated like a plow on expose ground as it bumped down the gravel-lined pathway. After about a mile, the trail improvements ended and a section of twisted roots, frozen mud holes and craggy rocks began. A advantageous pair of ice cleats was all the hikers needed - but for the lone sled-puller, life became just downright hard. One hour turned into three and the sweet deficient in daylight of winter began to fade. Although the forest was now draped in a solid blanket of snow and frost, and ice lined the bay, the trail remained a part of the landscape that could never be ignored. There was always something to step over, or around, or a sheet of ice to navigate, endlessly so slowly. It demanded all a hiker's attention and was as treacherous in winter as it can be in summer after a hard downpour. One half mile later, we were stomping our boots off on the porch at Peterson Lake Lodge. If we'd learned anything on the hike up it was that ice cleats are a requirement on this trail in winter. Rubber boots or similar water uncompliant footwear is ideal. Our pulk ended up strapped to the back of a backpack at about mile 2. The cabin is a cozy, brighter adaptation of a typical USFS cabin design. During the remodel in 2011, the dingy inside was replaced with yellow cedar, the porch was rebuilt and made ADA attainable, the dock improved (in the summer this cabin is accessible by float plane) and crews installed a vault toilet. We joked that the privy structure was just about as spacious as the cabin. The interior of the cabin boasts a small amount of cabinet space, a prep marker, and two sets of bunks with a lower portion that doubles as bench seating for the table in between. There's both a propane heater and a wood stove. The steer light in the heater is almost always lit (it was when we arrived, anyway, and there are instructions in case it's not), which makes the task of warming up a frigid bothy a whole lot easier. Our other option was firing up a pile of soggy wood, which at the time happened to be frozen to the top of the wood stove. As temperatures plummeted case in the clear night, the interior of the cabin quickly became cozy and sauna-like. Our evening consisted of conventional cabin antics: a rousing game of Bananagrams, dinner prep (there's a metal plate on top of the propane heater exact for keeping foods warm, or for drying damp gloves), storytelling and - our family's personal...


Dryguy Fully-Body Boot And Glove Dryer. Dry Guy. DG1

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Air Puck Boot And Glove Dryer Air Dry Systems

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Dryguy Far-reaching-Body Boot And Glove Dryer. Dry Guy. DG1

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DryGuy DX False Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

by DryGuy
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  • Includes two removable extension tubes for use with boots up to 16 inches tall; whisper-quiet rotary blower; 3 hour timer; heat or no-heat switch
  • Helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold; dries most clothes in 1-2 hours
  • Dimensions: 12 inches deep x 7.5 inches high x 15 inches wide; 6-foot power cord; 1 year warranty

Product description

The DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer can dry two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in 1 to 2 hours. From rain soaked soccer cleats to sweaty ski or hunting boots to soggy gloves filled with melting snow, the DryGuy DX dries a variety of garments so you can start the day with dry, comfortable hands and feet. The DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer utilizes gentle forced air and 105-degree heat to quickly remove moisture and help prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorates footwear over time. It includes two removable extension tubes for drying boots up to 16 inches tall. The DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer is completely safe to use and will not shrink, warp, or otherwise harm delicate garments and custom fit liners. Dimensions: 12 inches deep x 7.5 inches high x 15 inches wide; 6-foot power cord; 1 year warranty

MaxxDry Stultifying Duty Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, and Glove Dryer

by Implus Footcare
List price: $70.00
Price: $57.10
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  • Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.); safe for liners, clothes, and boots
  • Helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Dries most items in about 1 hour; includes removable 16-inch extension tubes for drying taller boots

Product description

The MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer dries two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in about 1 hour. Use the MaxxDry Heavy Duty to safely dry sweaty ski boots, soggy gloves, or wet football cleats. The MaxxDry utilizes forced air and heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.) to quickly remove moisture to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorates garments over time. Forced air comes from an internal fan that pushes warm air through boots, shoes, and gloves to circulate trapped moisture through and out of the garment. The MaxxDry Heavy Duty is safe to use on shoes, boots, and gloves and will not shrink or damage custom liners or delicate items. The MaxxDry Heavy Duty includes two, removable 16-inch extension tubes to handle taller boots, and 3-hour timer that shuts the unit off automatically, and a heat/no heat switch so it can be used with or without heat. Dimensions are 12 inches deep x 17 inches high (with extension tubes) x 15 inches wide. Comes with a 6-foot power cord; 1 year warranty. (dba Shopping) DryGuy Dry Stand Shoe, Glove and Boot Dryer $60.00 (dba Shopping) Caframo Travail'n Play Sport 7802 Boot & Glove Dryer - 120v Ac 55 W $59.99 (dba Shopping) HomCom Boot, Shoe and Glove 4-seaport Electric Dryer $34.99 (dba Shopping) Moose Racing Boot, Helmet, & Glove Dryer Coal-black uni $122.07


Q. How to dry SCUBA gloves and boots? At a stroke I soak and clean my dive boots and gloves, how am I supposed to dry them? The manufacturer said not to put them into direct sunlight and it takes about a day or more to dry otherwise if it sits private to dry off. I am also worried that mold...
A. Execute them up in a well ventilated area in the shade. That being said we dry suits in the sun and gloves and booties in the dryer all the time. But then we usually wear them out before they fall...
Q. Which papers is better leather or rubber? Like in war which makes better gloves & boots. Leather you have to sow so it makes it harder to move especially with gloves. But rubber doesn't breath.
A. Boots are gamester in rubber for they normally have traction on the bottoms which prevent you from slipping in the rain or snow. Plus rubber boots are water lean so they'll keep your feet dry and...

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In the 87 issues of Snow Nation published between 1988 and 1999, the reader can find the defining coverage of mountain resorts, ski technique and equipment, racing, cross-hinterlands touring, and the growing sport of snowboarding during a period of radical change. The award-winning magazine of mountain sports and living tracks the environmental collide with of ski area development, and people moving to the mountains to work and live.

Cyclone Ski Boot Dryers 30 min. Dry Ease, Forced Hot Air for Quick Drying Boots & Gloves

Continental ExpressDry Supplies Dryers The dryer can simultaneously suit up to six suits, along with helmets, gloves, boots, facemasks and SCBAs ... It offers an optional boot tree capable of drying up to four pairs of soaked boots per "tree place" in just 60 minutes.

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