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LG Electronics 6931EL3003C Dryer Hilarious Limit Thermostat

by LG Electronics
Price: $9.85
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  • See product description for a full list of compatible models
  • Dryer high limit thermostat
  • LG Electronics part number 6931EL3003C

Product description

LG 6931EL3003C Dryer High Limit Thermostat. Reset button in center. For use with the following LG Electronics models: DLG0332W, DLG0452W, DLG2522W, DLG2524W, DLG2525S, DLG2526W, DLG2532W, DLG3744S, DLG3744W, DLG3788W, DLG5932S, DLG5932W, DLG5966G, DLG5966W, DLG5988B, DLG5988S, DLG5988SM, DLG5988W, DLG6952W, DLG7188RM, DLG7188WM, DLG8388NM, DLG8388WM, DLG9588WM, DLGX0002TM, DLG2702V, RN1306AT, RN1316AS, DLG3744D, DLGX5102V, TDV10030G, DLGX5102W, RN1306BT, RN1319VS, TDV10031G, TDV10186GM, DLG0452G, DLG3744U, TDV10032G, RN1316A, RN1316B, TDV10035G, TDV10135G, DLG2051W, DLG2302R, DLG2102W, DLG2302W, DLG2602R, DLG2602W. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

LG Electronics 3911EZ9131X Dryer Side or Essentially Venting Kit

by LG Electronics
Price: $69.39
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  • LG Electronics part number 3911EZ9131X (Model DVK1)
  • See product description for list of compatible models
  • 27 inch Dryer side or bottom venting kit

Product description

LG 3911EZ9131X Dryer Side or Bottom Venting Kit. for use with the following LG Electronics models: DLE0332W, DLE2512W, DLE3777W, DLG0332W, DLG2522W, DLG2532W, DLG3788W, DLG5932S, DLG5932W, DLG5988B, DLE2532W, DLEX3001W, DLE7177WM, DLGX2802W, DLEX3360W. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

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Q. Why do the armpits of some shirts repulse yellow? mostly silver shirts, not all, some grey ones too. Is it deoderant? Fabric of the shirt? Someone told me it was a gas dryer vs an electric dryer. We have an electric dryer and this doesn't happen to many of our shirts...but I have had to shy a...
A. This is caused by underarm slogging and underarm deoderants bleaching or dyeing those areas over long periods of time. Our sweat contains many acids and salts that can almost certainly stain clothes over time....

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