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Compair Kellogg, Air Dryer Installation Operations and Conservation Manual

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Non-specific Pneumatics TK Series, Air Dryers Install Maintenance & Operations Manual

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Dundas Jafine BTD48TC ProFlex Clothes Dryer Modification Duct UL 2158A Listed & Marked With 2 Tension Clamps, 4-Inch by 8-Foot

by Dundas Jafine
Price: $11.49
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  • UL2158A labeled and marked. Includes 2- 4" tension clamps
  • Duct will not support combustion
  • Ideal for gas and electric dryer applications

Product description

Constructed of 4 ply aluminum foil laminate. Flexible. Ideal for gas and electric clothes dryer installations. Fire resistant, will not support combustion. UL 2158A listed and marked. 2 metal tension clamps included. 4'' diameter x 8' long. Retail box.

Lematec In – Score Desiccant Air Dryer 1/ 4 inch Air Inlet / With Replacement Desiccant Dryer Filter ZN-312D-1, Solid Metal Frame Construction

by Ubiquitous
Price: $22.99
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  • REMOVES WATER VAPOR, DIRT, DUST, OIL, AND AEROSOLS: Reach the lowest possible dew-point (the driest compressed air) by investing in the Lematec ZN-312D-1 In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer Filter.
  • OPTIMAL FOR SPRAY PAINTING AND OTHER DRY AIR APPLICATIONS: Use the air dryer filter for all your air tools, air compressors, and air compressor accessories.
  • TRUST UBIQUITOUS COMPANY: Only Ubiquitous Company offers direct Air Compressor Accessories from Lematec. Order with confidence backed by a solid replacement guarantee.

Product description

Why Choose the Lematec In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer Filter Set?

The longer your air compressor runs, and the higher the temperature and humidity in the air the compressor takes in, the more water and water vapor there will be in the tank and in the air lines.

Moving air cools down. High demand air tools such as paint sprayers, sand blasters, etc.... use a lot of air, and the air moving through the air tool will cool very quickly.

If you do not have an In-Line Desiccant Air dryer installed, this cool air in your air tools, water can literally drip out of your air tools causing all kinds of damage and even voiding out your warranty.

What else does the Lematec Air Filter Do?

The Desiccant Air dryer also removes oils, aerosols, dirt, and dust from your air lines, air compressor, and tanks keeping your air equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

How hard is it to change the Desiccant Filter Material?

It's not hard at all... Simply twist the body from the metal frame, empty the spent filter, and insert the provided replacement filter. You will know when to change the filter medium when the color turns from blue to pink.


-Zinc Body. Metal Housing w/Black Enamel

-Air Inlet: 1/4"

-Operating Pressure: 90 PSI

-Operating Temp: 37 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Bowl Material: PC/POM

-Desiccant Bowl Capacity: 9g

-Replacement Dryer / Filter: 9g


Only Ubiquitous Company is an authorized dealer of Lematec air tools and Lematec air tool accessories.

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A. you cannot peg it to the ac circuit or change a 110 outlet to 220 need to get a 30 amp breaker for your main power box...some 10/3 with dregs...and an outlet that matches the plug on...
Q. Is Switching on and off air conditioner in a closed dwelling dangerous? Master: Air conditioner ON for 3 hours and switched OFF for next 20 minutes in a closed room. And switching it back ON and OFF periodically at 1 hour interval. Doubt: I heard from my son's paediatrician, that switching ON and OFF air...
A. Nope. Under some conditions staggering commercial installations, like those with a water cooling tower, can have problems. Legionaire's Disease comes to mind. A properly operating residential A/C...

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