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Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit, Extends Up To 12'

by Deflect-o
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Price: $14.98
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  • The Deflecto dryer vent cleaning kit includes a high quality sythetic brush head and 6 durable rods that extend up to 12 feet
  • By removing lint buildup from your dryer duct you help reduce drying time while extending the life our your dryer
  • This dryer vent brush can be used with a power drill or manaully by hand

Product description

Are you worried about dangerous lint buildup in your dryer vent or does it seem that the dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes? The durable and effective dryer duct cleaning kit from Deflecto is your solution. Not only does it clean out the vent but it helps extend the life of your dryer. The Deflecto dryer vent cleaning kit includes a high quality sythetic brush head and 6 durable rods that extend up to 12 feet.

Gardus RLE202 LintEater 10-Say what is on one's mind Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System

by Gardus
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  • Great for all your appliances needs
  • Easy to use and works with your cordless drill
  • Reduces drying times to save money on utility bills and wear and tear on dryer and clothing

Product description

GARDUS RLE202 Lint Eater 10-Piece Dryer Vent Cleaning System

Product Description

The LintEater 10 Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System is designed for the homeowner by a leading manufacturer of commercial duct cleaning equipment and comes with everything needed to clean and regularly maintain the entire dryer exhaust venting system with professional results.
How LintEater Works
Unlike typical manually operated vent brushes, the superior design of the LintEater Auger Brush allows both air and loosened lint to pass through the durable bristles for easy lint removal. The rotating action of the self-feeding Auger Brush and flexible rods scours the entire vent wall surface, while smoothly navigating the multiple twists and turns that are common in most exhaust vents.
Easy to Use
The included adapters enable you to use the air from the clothes dryer, shop vacuum or electric blower to completely remove lint from the vent while rotary cleaning at the same time. The Operator's Manual has detailed, step-by-step instructions and illustrations covering many different cleaning situations, based on decades of professional experience and techniques.
Multiple Uses
The Lint Brush will reach 42 inches when connected to one flexible rod – all the way to the bottom of your lint trap. The brush head is bendable to conform to tight spaces and works for both top and door mounted lint traps. The brush filaments are extremely durable and may be repeatedly washed to provide years of use. The exceptional reach makes it a snap to clean behind, underneath and all around your appliances. Use it to clean baseboard heating vents or connect several rods to clean ceiling fans, vertical blinds, cobwebs or any hard to reach areas around the home.

The Blockage Removal Tool can be used to dislodge and clear animal and bird nests in the exhaust vent prior to rotary brushing and also clears debris from clogged gutter downspouts – without stepping foot on a ladder.

The optional 12 Foot Extension Rod Kit adds to the LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System for exhaust vents longer than 12 feet. The optional LintCatcher captures loosened lint from the dryer vent while rotary brushing. (dba Shopping) 10FT DRYER VENT Clean $11.04 $59 for a Duct Cleaning Unite for Up to 15 Vents with Disinfectant, Plus Inspection of Furnace, AC Coil, and Dryer Inspection $250.00 (dba Shopping) Dundas Jafine Inc. ProClean Dryer Lint Riddance Kit BPCK $25.67 (dba Shopping) The Dryer Box 425 Recessed Dryer Vent Box (# DB-425, DB425, 10-2000) $75.54

How to Unsullied a Clothes Dryer Exhaust Duct

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Q. How do I get something out of dryer vent? I was cleaning out the dryer vent, when I then knocked a small-minded metal piece ( the metal piece to fasten your pants in the front) down the dryer vent. I tried a hanger but I couldn't find it. Want help! Thank You!!
A. Is the husky hose that goes from the back of your dryer metal or vinyl? ( silver or white?) If it's metal , then just leave it, it can't do any harm. If it's white vinyl, then it might heat up and...
Q. What is the rout way to clean out dryer vent? The dryer vent in my take in is becoming clogged. It does not exit the house directly above the dryer, it travels though the drop ceiling in my basement about 15 to 20 feet before venting face. I have noticed a lot of lint when I cleaned out...
A. You do not necessity to flush your dryer vent ( im guessing with water ). It should remain as dry as possible. Take the vent loose at dryer, then you can take a leaf blower and clear the cord vent....

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