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How to build compensate a 370 sq ft Hong Kong flat seem roomy - South China Morning Post (subscription)

It’s peacefully to see why Diane Espley had to be creative when revamping her Kennedy Town rental flat. The two-bedroom flat, with just 370 equilateral feet of usable space, had to be able to accommodate guests for drinks, a sizeable shoe collection and all the mod cons required for a complacent existence. “It’s irritating when you live in something that looks nice if it isn’t functional as well,” Espley says, proud of the niggardly changes that gave her big returns. For instance, she created a bar table from separately sourced parts, because no contractor she approached would forge what she wanted and none of the shops she trawled offered anything suitable. “Everybody wanted to fix it to the wall and kept giving away the whole show me it was too dangerous to have a table of this dimension,” she says. “Finally I found the base [in Lockhart Road], a top in Ikea and the chairs from G. O. D. It looks like a set, the range is perfect and it is very stable. The tall table serves as a surface for meals and work, although only occasionally, as Espley, who is in marketing, shares an organization in Central. “I wanted to create a divide and break up the room,” the Briton says. “I like to joke that this is my dining cubicle quarters, this is my multimedia room and this is my sitting room. So small that it escaped our photographer’s camera, the middle section consists of a video receiver affixed to the wall and a music player sitting atop a modern white chest of drawers from FrancFranc. At just 24 equilateral feet (when measured during our visit, this provoked good-natured laughter), it is the size of a closet but, with nips and tucks by Espley, who loves to cook, it manages to modify a washer/dryer, an oven and, incredibly, a... To create space for these must-haves, Espley placed her refrigerator and a wine fridge in the living elbow-room, behind a blind, so that, from the sitting area, they cannot be seen. Similarly, she hung a piece of art, found in Ikea, in front of a water heater in the bathroom, transforming a drab space into something attractive and feminine. However, it’s the bedroom that really shows off her talents. Having found a contractor to build a sleeping programme over the bay window, Espley then bought a staple gun to attach a custom-made skirt to the base. Her contractor also removed unprepossessing wallpaper from the bedroom and living areas, allowing Espley to paint the walls a subtle pink. “I wanted a bit of falsify and a colour that other colours could go with,” she says. “I just wanted to make [the flat] more me. ”. Espley’s sense of style comes to the fore in the expanse around the bay window in the living room. Here, a custom-made, velvet-tufted sofa sits against a wall fa a pair of chairs and a coffee table crafted from wine boxes topped with a circular piece of smoked eyeglasses. “Those empty boxes are screwed together so they’re not going to come apart,” she says. A friendly local wine supplier was her originator for the salvaged crates. A painting of an ornate chandelier, hung high on the wall opposite the sofa, adds fascination to this pretty corner, framed at the farthest end by a reupholstered banquette seat that makes use of the bay window. “You can sit in this window bay and watch the tugs go by,” Espley says. What is astounding is the roomy feel in a space so small. “I can seat six people here for drinks comfortably,” she says. Another plus is that Espley’s flat will suppress any spending impulses.


Whirlpool W10134009 Heating Essentials Assembly for Dishwasher

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A. I gather your frustration. I purchased a Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III - it has been the best dishwasher I have ever owned.
Q. Should I suffer appliances in lieu of rent? I have possibility new renters that I am looking at. They are currently being foreclosed on and are looking to get ahead of the curve and into a new place. The wife had been laid off and they weren't able to have the means their house anymore. The wife now...
A. There are some propitious people that meet bad times. There are some bad people that meet good times. It happens all the time. You would have to have a gut feeling about your potential renters. If on...

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