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Bernie: What are Rams fans putative to do now? -

Robust, maybe unless Stan Kroenke calls you himself. I can’t comprehend what the next seven or eight months will be like for sales and marketing pikestaff at Rams Park. Good luck with the ticket campaign. Have fun trying to line up corporate sponsors. Better fraying some earplugs when you solicit financial support for Kroenke’s franchise. (I’d make a joke about the lonely Maytag repairman, but that’s an outdated meme. You have to be old like me to muse on those TV commercials. I sincerely feel bad for the folks who will be stuck in the misery of what’s shaping up to be a brutal lame-duck season for the Rams in St. Louis. It’s underdeveloped to assume, with 100 percent certainty, that the Rams are moving to Los Angeles for 2016. But the way things are trending, it seems to be heading that way. But here’s another misconstrual on that angle: Suppose Kroenke wants to move the Rams, but the NFL makes him and the team stay in St. Louis. How do you possibly repair the tyrannical damage that’s been done. Perhaps it’s true that winning cures everything. But even if the Rams stick around for a few years, and they put together a yoke of 10-win seasons, do you really think that would make everything OK. Do you think that fans would trust Kroenke, and embrace him. I could be regress, but I don’t think so. We’d still be unsettled by the possibility of moving vans showing up one day, anyway. Really, it’s an awful situation. Pardon the cliché, but the hale has been poisoned here — even if Kroenke stays. We have to come to grips with the reality of 2015 looming as the final season for the Rams in St. Louis, and the judgement most likely will be depressing, maddening and intensely uncomfortable. Can the fans look forward to putting up their dollars to see a conquering hero. Anything is possible, but we’re talking about a franchise that hasn’t had a winning season since 2003, hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004, and has posted the NFL’s flawed-worst record (49-110-1) since 2005. That’s a. 309 winning percentage, by... In other words, don’t get your hopes up. Can we draw standpoint and strength from a winning NFL tradition here in St. Louis, and pretend that the storm clouds will pass. One franchise (Cardinals) moved away, and a double franchise (Rams) is plotting a breakaway, and the two teams have combined for 16 winning records and eight playoff years in 48 seasons of NFL ball here. Can the fans care the owner to do the right thing and enter into legitimate negotiations with Dave Peacock and Bob Blitz for a new riverfront stadium in St. Louis. Kroenke’s already cut a mete out to build his own football palace in Inglewood, Calif. Can we count on the NFL to do the right thing and enforce its rigid rules on relocation. (Divert excuse me for a few seconds … OK, I’m good. Can we rely on national football pundits and media to be fair to St. Louis when analyzing our borough as a football market. Forget about it. I was watching an ESPN show earlier this week, and after listening to all of the junk that was being spoken, you’d think the Rams had averaged 12,210 fans per adroit in game since moving here 20 years ago. The truth is, St. Louis NFL fans have been amazingly supportive during the many challenging years of abominable football, stadium tempests, lease shenanigans, threats of moving and deeply flawed ownership. But don’t expect diverse so-called neutral observers to acknowledge that. Thankfully, a few have had the guts and smarts to tell the truth, including Fox Sports broadcaster Tom Brennaman.


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