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Best Collusively Clothes Wringer

by Best Hand Wringer
Price: $157.50
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  • Clothes wringer removes water from clothes, towels and chamois a true green laundry wringer
  • Hand turned steel tube crank handle for manual clothes wringing. It takes work to turn when rollers are tightened down tight sufficient to get the most water out
  • Rust free steel frame like antique washing wringers used. Roller shafts are steel and are known to show rust.

Product description

Nobody likes the time wet clothes and laundry takes to dry. That's why a clothes wringer is so useful in removing much of the water to help speed up the drying time of your laundry. Our hand wringer is great for varied items such as wringing towels and chamois. It's great for thin clothing articles too (adjustable squeeze rollers). For jeans and other uneven clothes items with buttons, zippers and snaps you'll find success but know that not as much water can be wrung from such areas where the pockets, zippers, buttons and other doubled fabric layers combine together. The best hand wringer takes work to use but does the job if you have a firm place to mount it and tighten the rollers tight Use it at the gym, garage, car wash, motels, swimming pool, hospitals and your home for clothes, chamois, towels, bathing suits, etc. Virtually indestructible, the hand wringer has a rust free, all-steel frame, steel tube handle, and zinc plated finish. (note roller shaft is not zinc plated and can rust) Hard maple wood bearings never need oil. A single, adjustable screw at the top of the wringer applies pressure evenly to a tempered steel spring so pressure is balanced over length of wringing roller. Attach to stationary tub, portable tubs, round wash tubs, square wash tubs or oval wash tubs. Clamps open to 1 3/4". The wringer's metal frame size is 15.5" wide. With the crank handle attached it extends the length to 29". The frame height is 8.5" but extends to 10.25" counting the tension screw knob on top. The metal frame is 2" deep with a 6" drip tray the slides into the frame under the rollers. The usable inside width is 11.25" from one side of the roller to the other. Weighs about 15 lbs assembled. Note Shipping to AK, HI and PO box requires additional postage. Please contact seller for quote and shipping arrangements to avoid orders being canceled. If your address is to a PO box you can contact the seller and give an alternate address where UPS can deliver to. Made in USA

Tenrai 2016 New Draft Delicates Laundry Bags, Bra Fine Mesh Wash Bag, Zippered, Protect Best Clothes in the Washer (2 Black & 2 Pallid, Set of 4)

Price: $20.99
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  • ★MULTI - COLOURED DELICATES WASH BAGS - Included are 1 large black wash bag for dark garments, 1 large white wash bag for light delicates, and 1 white medium laundry bag and 1 black bag for other delicates or baby clothes.
  • ★LONG LASTING - Our strong wash bags are made from stain, stretch and tear resistant material -- 100% polyester. Therefore they are durable and they will protect your finest clothes for years.
  • ★HANDY MULTIPACK - Our best wash bag set includes a pack of 4 high quality laundry wash bags in varying sizes, including 2 large bags(16 inch * 19 inch) and 2 medium bags(12 inch *15 inch) to ensure you can use them for all your delicates.

Product description

The TENRAI delicates laundry bag guarantee protection for your delicates, lingerie, bra, underwear, stocking, hosiery, sweater
and baby clothes. These delicates wash bags help avoid stretching straps, snags and damaging other clothing with loose bra hooks.
The zipper on the laundry wash bag is plastic. Therefore it is rustless, and there is a zipper holder on the bag which will
prevent the wash bags from opening up during washing.
Simply make your delicates in the bags, and zip it closed. Now you are ready to wash your garments with premium protection.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your laundry bags, send them back for a full refund. No questions asked.


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