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Higher-class Bidet Supreme - Dual Nozzle Design For Front and Rear Cleaning - Hot and Cold White Bidet Attachment - Adjustable Nozzles Modify To Any Body Type For Easy Cleaning

by Superior Bidet
Price: $79.99
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  • Effortless, straightforward and environmentally friendly toilet hygiene is just a click away!
  • FEMININE and REAR Cleaning modes that will address all your toilet cleaning needs (both male and female)
  • Adjustable Water TEMPERATURE both HOT & COLD is a great addition for those cold nights and mornings

Product description

The Big Gun! The Big Kahuna! The Big Enchilada! Top Dog! You name it! This bidet comes with all the bells and whistles (don't worry, it does not make any noise nor will it call the attention of outsiders while you're going to the bathroom). This model comes with FEMININE and REAR cleaning modes that will address all your toilet cleaning needs (both male and female), adjustable water temperature for those cold nights and mornings and all for the unbelievable price of $79.99.

Our Supreme Bidet benefits from the following functionality:
  • FRONT and REAR Cleaning
  • Adjustable Water TEMPERATURE (HOT & COLD)
  • Adjusts To Any Body Type
  • Self Cleaning Bidet Nozzles
  • Cut Down On Toilet Paper Consumption by 75-100%

Superior Bidet: Introducing A New Device For Toilet Hygiene!
Imagine never having to wipe again... forget the messiness and hassle of using the toilet paper! Our Superior Bidet will leave you feeling "shower clean" after every toilet visit.

How do you ask?
By using our bidets, which are personal hygiene devices that easily attach to your toilet, you can now use the gentle, cleansing power of water to take care of the dirty work. It is the only method that is guaranteed to give you a spotless out-of-the shower feeling.

That is why our motto from day one has been to "stop wiping and start drying!!"

40 LPS WD40 Not any Red Straw Tube 6 " Spray Can Nozzel tip Rust Oil Aerosol

by Unbranded/Generic
Price: $29.99
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  • These are the 6"long straws not the smaller 4.5 or 5" but they can be cut shorter if needed. But most men want the longer ones.
  • 6" long, .040 ID, .085 OD made for a nice snug fit in spray cans like WD40 and LPS solvents and many others.
  • US Stock Fast Shipping

Product description

For Sale : TWO packs of 20 for a total of 40 replacement straws for spray cans, Parts cleaner, Rust Inhibitors, Water Displacements, Brake cleaners, etc. Also good for arts and crafts projects.

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