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Hiring autistic workers a perfumed deal for everyone - Green Bay Press Gazette

Drew McDonough walks at once past the 50-pound bags of brown sugar and the huge tubs of chocolate frosting. He takes a other to clock in at a computer, dresses in his bakery clothes (hairnet, work shirt, apron), and then speed-walks toward the stainless nerve table where, five days a week, he packages cups of sticky toffee pudding. When his boss inquires about his weekend, McDonough responds with bracing one-word answers and barely makes eye contact. But that is fine with Jean Kroll, owner of the Sugar & Spice Surprising Sweet Treats commercial bakery in the Chicago suburb Evanston, who simply points her new hire toward the racks of yellow brown cakes. For the rest of the four-hour shift on this cold December afternoon, the quiet, dark-haired 27-year-old moves so without delay he seems set on fast-forward. He boxes cakes, stacks them on a hand cart, labels them for shipment and, when he’s done, carefully sweeps the base. McDonough has autism. The fact that he also has a job at the bakery is something that he says is “probably a miracle. “I’m working 20 hours a week, which my parents are very advantageous about,” he said. “It feels as happy as can be. ”. Last summer, McDonough and two other men with autism arrived at the bakery as part of a six-week volunteer internship. But there was one important twist: As the men learned to measure sugar and package cakes, a graduate student from nearby Northwestern University’s Kellogg Principles of Management carefully tracked their productivity. The question: Did it make good business sense to hire someone with a unfitness. For Kroll, a 50-year-old entrepreneur who had plowed her life savings into the bakery, that was a critical question. “Small businesses appoint based on economics,” Kroll said. The story of how — at the end of the internship — she offered paid positions to McDonough and two other men with autism is one of fortunes and goodwill. But it is also, according to Kroll, a story of a clear-eyed business decision. “People always say, ‘That’s such a nice thing to do,’” said Kroll, referring to her sentence to hire the men. But it’s also a smart thing to do. ’”. Two years ago, Kroll moved her commercial bakery into a 10,000-square-foot loo tucked in an industrial strip. A few doors down was a nonprofit called Have Dreams, which provides services to people with autism. Ere long after the move, Kroll’s landlord mentioned that her new neighbors — the men and women with autism — were always looking for job training. “Maybe they could help you shape boxes,” the landlord suggested. Soon after, Kroll invited a group of five men with autism to help her construct and describe boxes for her chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and signature shortbread cookies. But when a young man put together a box and, with a huge grin, declared: “Look what I did. ” Kroll was bewitched. For a year and a half, the men came every week. One day, an administrator at Have Dreams asked whether Kroll had other jobs for the men. Kroll’s retort was firm and immediate. After she went home that night, she couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said. “They were such a great group of pubescent people. Around that time, Kroll had begun negotiations with a client whose line of baked goods would make labor-intensive packaging. The work could have been automated, but Kroll didn’t have the $80,000 she estimated it would cost to buy the equipment. She solicitude recollections of the men from Have Dreams and picked up the phone. “I think I might have a job for the guys,” she said.


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Jumping The Broom: African & Armenian Commingling Traditions Blended

Jumping the broom is an African mixture tradition where the couple jumps over a broom at the end of the ceremony to symbolize all bad fortune is swept behind...


Q. What's that trick called with a bad witch & a good bear on the old Nintendo? I retain when I was younger playing a game with a bad with with a broom dressed in purple & the bear had to defeat her. I remember it being on the Nintendo where you had to stick the game at the top of the console. The ready that got inserted...
Q. How to castigate up as a still scarecrow? My son wants to sit on our porch dressed like a scarecrow. What he is planning on doing is to have a omen that says "Take 2 please", and if anyone takes more than that, he wants to jump out and scare them. Any ideas on how to make him a very...
A. Haha omg that's gonna be so comic! Put a broom across your shirt wear your arms are supposed to be, that way you won't have to raise your arms a long time...and wear some type of scary glasses so...

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Jumping the Broom, Transfer Edition
Jumping the Broom, Transfer Edition
Published by Macmillan 2004
ISBN 1429996692,9781429996693
304 pages
“This superb book is not merely a wedding guide, but a celebration of African-American culture.” —Billboard Jumping the Broom is newly revised for the twenty-elementary century. The bestselling—and the first—comprehensive wedding guide written and designed expressly for African Americans, it presents everything you beggary to know to plan an event that is truly an expression of your personal style and heritage. Harriette Cole, former fashion editor of Bottom line magazine, offers hundreds of original ideas for enhancing your wedding with Afrocentric touches at every stage—from announcements, rings, and clothes to music, provisions, and vows. Her suggestions range from the simple, such as having your wedding rings cast with ancient Khamitic symbols, to the elaborate, such as adorning your homogenization party in traditional Yoruba asooke formal wear, and an extensive resource guide will help you manage logistics. Historical anecdotes and communication on cultural traditions from all over the Motherland—as well as the Caribbean and the American South—are sprinkled throughout. Lavishly illustrated, this new edition features twice the mass of color photographs found in the original book and a completely up-to-date resource guide. Jumping the Broom makes an exquisite gift book for a particular friend or family member and an indispensable planner for the most important day of your life.

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Watheroo Words Ken Will drove most of the students to see the make up production Room on a Broom. The play is based on the book of the same name written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The categorize had a wonderful day and arrived back in Watheroo with ...

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Extremism: Dogma and Culture. We do not bear the concept ... it several weekends ago and tried to come to grips with it on that next Sunday and all last week, I have yet to succeed. I did realize that it is not just this one Religion and culture, but varied throughout the world ...

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Cops inquest alleged suspect in 3 violent Brooklyn home robberies after thug 'punched victims and pushed his way inside' The man grabbed a laptop and fled as the victim’s friend swung a broom at the man. Cops nabbed a man fitting the suspect’s description later on in the evening and took him to the 94 Precinct questioning, cops said.

Satisfactory Is - Jumping The Broom :: The Dress (Jumping The Broom ... Jumping The Broom :: The Outfit {Paula Patton} was stunning when she walked down the aisle in {Jumping The Broom}. She wore {Style #1010} from }. The dress ...

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