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Winter certainly took its treasured-ass time finding Chicago this year. Raise your hand if you missed the cold and blustery weather during December and January. And, thanks to the clement mid-winter weather there were plenty of other things that I didn’t miss…. • Like Roz Varon ( I like to call her “The Appropriate Laxative") freaking out my shit before leaving on the 45-minute commute each morning. • And the weather guys/gals resorting to tag-teams sacrifice BREAKING NEWS to remind us that it’s going to be cold, the wind is going to blow, and snow is going to accumulate…during the winter…in Chicago…Appreciation You Captains Obvious. • Listening to all the catch phrases associated with the record-breaking weather patterns – Snowmageddon – Snowpocalypse – Juno – Linus and on and on and on. When did we start naming these SOBs anyway. • Talk of DIBS – pro or con – just like picking your favorite band to root for each summer -everyone in Chicago has a side. So- I’m going to go ahead and put this out there: I am PRO DIBS. Back in 1977, I learned all about the “DIBS” and a shit-trouble of other things from my dad’s secretary. Her name was Bev – she had big hair, manicured nails and the mouth of a sailor on leave. During school breaks I’d go labour downtown with Dad. Bev was responsible for running the place and keeping me busy. This meant manicures, lunch, and eavesdropping on stories peppered with communication I was far too young to hear. Back in the day we got 'em both off. Bev and I were taking the elevator back up to the 21st floor following our lunch in the cafeteria. She was relaying her experience with DIBS (I'm fairly absolute it was not called DIBS 40 years ago. but trust me. same concept) to a guy that she knew. Not sure if he was from the same neighborhood, but based on the conversation, he knew to the letter what she was talking about. All these years later, I can't even recall the neighborhood Bev lived in. Mom and dad always used to say she lived at "Arch and Archer". Now it dawns on me. Bev lived in a Oil neighborhood. Arch and Archer. Full disclosure: My dad made Archie Bunker seem pretty tame and mom was no Edith. Back to the detective story - To put it mildly, Bev was pretty pissed off. There was a storm the previous day. Billy-her boyfriend- spent most of the early evening digging her Celebrated Prix out of the spot in front of the house. Bev made it clear that Billy was in no shape to be taking on that pile of snow. He wanted to redecorate sure she would get out on time for work the next day. Before he started digging the car out, he cleared the snow off their cars along with the other neighbors' cars. Using the cookhouse broom made it fairly easy. Shoveling the shit "pre-snowblower era" was the hard part. After he dug the car out, he pulled it out and double parked it a few doors down while he took a shovel to the interval in order to make it snow and slush free. After he cleared the space, he went to get the Grand Prix. As Billy headed over to her car, Bev noticed the neighbor from next door heading out his face door. Bev referred to said neighbor as "that lazy fucker". I told you I overheard all of the peppered language. I could handle it. I bit my tongue as I thumbed fully the National Enquirer Bev had bought earlier, so I wouldn't giggle and draw attention to the fact.


Household Essentials 144222 Over The Door Insignificant Ironing Board with Iron Holder, Natural Cotton Cover

by Household Essentials
Price: $43.00
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  • Built-in U-hook iron holder at the top of the board
  • Sturdier design with support feet that stabilizes board while open and protects doors
  • Mini space-saving OTD ironing board with self-close technology and hanger hook to store iron

Product description

Household Essentials 144222 OTD Over the Door Self-Ironing Board with satin silver steel frame, natural-colored 100% cotton cover, and fiber ironing pad. This space-saving ironing board hangs on the door and comes with 1.5-inch residential hooks and 2-inch commercial hooks with cushions to protect doors. The steel mesh ironing surface is 14 x 41 inches and is perfect for steam irons. It comes with a 100% cotton cover and fiber pad installed (thick cord adjustment for best fit). Silicone-coated replacement cover #2011 with additional padding also available (sold separately). Rubberized plastic stabilizers (feet) brace the bottom of the frame against the door and lift it, reducing noise and protecting the door from scratches and scrapes. The frame’s built-in iron holder hook threads through an iron’s handle to hold it safely. This compact ironing board, with hooks installed, measures 17 inches wide x 52.25 inches long. *Item includes cover and pad (replacement cover and pad #2011 sold separately).

Spectrum Diversified Over-the-Door Iron and Ironing Board Holder, Caucasoid

by Spectrum Diversified
List price: $19.00
Price: $12.42
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  • Heavy metal construction
  • Fits both "T" and "Y" style ironing boards
  • Holds Iron and Ironing Board

Product description

Convenience and storage at their best. A multi purpose laundry organizer perfect for your laundry room. Keep it all together with Spectrums over-the-door Iron and Ironing Board Holder. Unique design holds both iron and board neatly out of the way on any door (up to 1-5/8"W). Accommodates both "T" and "Y" style ironing boards. Spectrum is a company that does the small stuff great! Their items are made of better plastics, heavier steel, thicker powder coating, and stronger castings. Spectrum inspects every piece before it leaves their factory, so you know you'll always get top quality products. Measures 4.75"Depth X 9.50"Width X 16.75"Height. White.

Spectrum products incorporate original designs created by and for the exclusive use of Spectrum. Most of Spectrum’s products are protected by intellectual property rights including issued design patents and pending design patent applications. Protection for certain products may be provided and/or augmented by other federal and state proprietary rights including trademark, trade dress and copyright rights in the appearance and design of the products. (dba Shopping) Over The Door Ironing Board $48.21
Rockler SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander $1,399.00
Rockler Supermax 19-38 Drum Sander with Wixey Digital Readout $1,504.99

Over The Door Ironing Board

Over The Door Ironing Board An over the door ironing board is a quintessence of ironing board that typicall...


Q. Best way to systemize a small apartment. (To seem like there is more room than there really is)? I've got the over the door shoe racks, over the door ironing boards, and canned foods anguish over the pantry door. But I need to find out what to do with my tons of genealogy, family stories, and pictures. For the most part it has been stored on...
A. Hi, To accost your specific need in geneology, I have an idea. While I too have used to store informaton in the past, it was always difficult to access histories and stories in...
Q. I'm looking for an apartment breed ironing board? I requisite to buy (locally)(In Tennessee) a wall or door mounted fold up Ironing board. They were popular 50 years ago but can't find one now.

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Cut the Hotchpotch and Stow the Stuff
Cut the Hotchpotch and Stow the Stuff
Published by Rodale 2002
ISBN 1579545122,9781579545123
384 pages
Describes how to in all kinds of clutter under control, offering advice on how to stow, organize, clean, and categorize to avoid a messy household space.

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The Hoarder Next Door which are captivating over the living room and kitchen. With the family forced to prepare their food on an ironing board - despite the numerous kitchen appliances which Ursula has hoarded - the household is at breaking details. With family and friends unable to ...

Best sacrifice Over the Door Ironing Board Holder (White) (17"w x 18.5 ... Best honorarium Over the Door Ironing Board Holder (White) (17"w x 18.5"h x 4.5"d) Best Price Over the Door Ironing Board Holder (White) (17"w x 18.5"h x 4.5"d ...

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Polder IB-1442-76 Over The Door Ironing Board In Brown UZ1285 Important the IRON A WAY built in ironing boards line are the Model A 46A, the ... Leading the IRON A WAY built in ironing boards line are the Model A 46A, the most executed Ironing Center, with their rugged, premium length 46 inch ironing boards and ...

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Spectrum 66300 Over the Door Holder for Iron and Ironing Board ... Features. Close at hand Over the Door storage; Holds Iron and Ironing Board; Heavy metal construction; Fits both “T” and “Y” style ironing boards